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September 20, 2021

How Chapai handlooms is delivering & fulfilling orders across India : Covid 19

All was going well until Covid hit us. Have heard a lot of people say similar lines concerning both personal & professional life.

 To a large extent, it is true as well. While a fraction of the society was engaged in honing their skills & spending quality time with family or even starting small businesses; there was another fraction who was busy finding work, looking forward to any opportunity to make both ends meet. Be it daily wagers, artisans, or craftsmen, all were equally affected. It is these people who felt the real impact of Covid. 

We as a business ourselves had an urge to help our other fellow mates. We adopted the concept of Vocal for local long before it became a trend. 

When the rest of the world was gushing behind quick mass-produced products, we believed in authenticity. Our concept is to help artisans & weavers practice their art while making substantial income. That is the inspiration behind our hand-made blocking printing business, Chapai Handlooms. 


We ethically source organic material on which our artisans leave a ‘chaap’ of their talent in the form of prints. All the prints have an essence of nature in them to provide that soothing effect. While people were shutting down their businesses due to Covid or were terminating their staff, we strived to enhance our business even more which would enable us to provide income to more families. During this phase, we launched many new prints & products. At present we have 12 different types of fabrics, each narrating its own tale. Our collections are based on aesthetic & organic colors to provide a sense of purity. 


The effects Covid had on our business were manifold. The difficulties lay in the process of obtaining the material initially as well use only organic material, so we faced a lot of difficulties in it. Furthermore, reaching out to our artisans who did the real magic of turning a piece of cloth into a beautiful design. As the transport was stagnant for a long period of time, contacting them was really tricky. Difficulties like these crossed our path every day but that didn’t deter us from fulfilling our word to our clients. Even after facing a new challenge every day, we managed our way out after some time. We got in touch with our artists, sourced the material & delivered the products to our clients. All of it took time & patience but our client’s happiness & satisfaction made it worth it. 

Even today, our approach hasn’t changed, sustainable clothing, vocal for local, everything is the same rather a more advanced version for better customer satisfaction. 

Every day we start our work to make our customers happy & bring a smile of joy to their faces in these testing times. It has also taught us that one should always choose pure & authentic products over artificial ones. 

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Chapai Handloom

Customer Reviews


Thank you, Sir. I have received my parcel just now n it is very beautiful in colour.


Received the package just now. Thank You so much. Loved the suit.

Shyama 16/07/2021

I loved ur collection.

Saloni 10/07/2021

Love. This is a master piece, must say. U guys are turning the table.

Hemakshi 15/07/2021

Hi! I have received the parcel.
I liked the suit set and loved the packaging. And lastly thank you for the sweet gesture.

Tinu Varghese 15/07/2021

Got this material from you. Was awesome. Much love.

Parul 15/07/2021

Thank u. Thank u so much Shreyansh. U made my day. Everything is so beautiful.

Surekha 15/07/2021

I got my courier nd I just loved it. Thank you so much.

Vinaya 15/07/2021

The material is good. I loved the prints and dupatta.

Vidhi 15/07/2021

Received the parcel. Thank you! Its beautiful.