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September 23, 2021

How to take care of your favourite silk saree during monsoon

From wearing our mother’s saree at school farewell to buying our own saree, we grew up. 

Having passed through this phase, we are well aware of the fact that it’s not just about the style, it’s about comfort as well. Needless to say, the definition of comfort is relative, which brings in the desire for alternatives. Good for us our timeless beauty, saree presents a variety of options to choose from to match our preference. The options range from soothing cotton to classic silk.

For ages now, silk has been the choice of royalties, depicting the epitome of grandeur. It has been setting the perfect example of minimalist clothing. While the love for silk is everlasting, the efforts for maintaining it are a prerequisite. We often buy the product but forget to maintain it, to take care of it resulting in it losing its charm.

Caring for your silk sarees won’t dig that big a hole in your pocket instead would just require a little pampering. 


The need for caring is all the more important owing to the rainy season, during which fabrics tend to lose their charm even quicker. But don’t worry, we are here to help you by telling you some easy DIY options to keep your silk intact and ace the next party with your charm & attire. 



Machine washing silk sarees or any other delicate fabric is a big no-no. First, soak the silk saree in warm water with a little salt dissolved in it. Then rinse it with warm or cold water to get rid of the salt. Repeat the same process once more and after that use a mild soap to wash the saree. Remember never to use detergent on silk as it is too harsh for the fabric and might end up damaging it.


The Stain Treatment

Keeping stains away from your expensive delicate clothing is a big task in itself.

 No matter how hard you try sometimes it’s destined to stain your clothes and we bring a solution for such situations. Although, the best way to treat stains is dry cleaning but certain mild stains can be treated at home as well. For example in case of deodorant stains, rinsing the saree with cold water & then dabbing it with ammonia – water solution can be effective. Similarly, lipstick stains can be treated with the help of masking tape, all you have to do is yank the tape instantly and then dab some talcum powder on it.


The Pressing Trick

Nothing can beat, pressing a damp silk saree. But in case it is a dry saree, spray some water to dampen it and then press. It will be bright as new.

Other Handy Tips

Want your silk saree to last long, never keep soiled garments in your wardrobe, always clean them first.


Restrain from spraying deodorant on silk saree as it damages the fabric.

Ditch those wire hangers as they have high chances of rusting thus damaging the fabric.


The most important rule, don’t forget to love your fabric & pair it with a bright smile & you are ready to roll. 

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