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October 8, 2021

Our initiative for change

We often talk about change & the need for change but how often do we actually work for it. It is rightly said, that our actions speak louder than words but presently our actions aren’t speaking at all, it’s just the words & that isn’t really helping us. The change that we need immediately in our attitude is towards sustainability. We have forgotten the fact that the decisions we make today have a long-run impact. This further aggregates the need for a sustainable approach. All of us at our level have to initiate change for a sustainable approach to development.

How do we as a brand Contribute to the same?

We design clothes that are organic & environment friendly. We use pure fabrics & believe in design lasting clothes as opposed to fast fashion.
Not just our clothes, but even the names of our collection are inspired by nature. A brief introduction about our collection would helo you understand how we are trying to build a sustainable approach.



The essence of fruits “fal k rang” The name came to life through the combination of 2 beautiful words, Ajrakh and Rang and thus we got “Ajrakh k rang ” or Ajhrang. The peculiarity of Ajrakh lies in the fact that it uses only organic colors derived from the extracts of fruits and vegetables for the print. 



Forming the soul of the garden the word Bela refers to something antique and unusual just like our collection. Bela is one of Chapai’s ‘kota doria’ fabrics, available in a variety of designs such as floral, abstract, etc. The collection got its name Bela, derived from ‘bel’ which relates to flowers in Hindi. Thus the entire collection revolves around the flower and floral prints.



The beauty of dusk the comfort of simplicity can never be replaced by glamour, no matter how lustrous it might perceive it to be. Often, brands devote themselves to dominate the market with gleaming products but at Chapai Handlooms we believe, the customer should find solace in the fabric like one finds during dusk, when the sun is set and life is still. To hold on to this beauty, we came up with “Saanjh”, a cotton collection with hand block prints, all in pastel colors, notifying calmness, simplicity.



The beauty that bestows
t is a 2-piece suit set consisting of digital flowers on the straight-fit kurta, and a matching dupatta in linen, all adorned with delicate thread embroidery detailing making it perfect for intimate dinners.


A dream that sparks joy we cannot control our dreams, some leave us happy while others leave us filled with mysteries. Our dreams can’t be perfect but our outfits can. Introducing, khwaab, a perfectly dreamy hand block printed ‘buta’ pattern adorning the ‘mal mal noor’ dupatta. It consists of a lightweight dupatta woven in soft cotton mal fabric, paired with a zoya kurta to complete the look.



Illumination of the intricate beauty Rukhsar is one of our everyday essential fabrics, enhancing the personality of an individual. It’s one of the classic pieces stitched with a blend of kota fabric with hand block mal mal dupatta. It is perfect to ace those gloomy days with minimal effort.

The description above throws light on the approach we are trying to sustain & bring back sustainable thinking while making a decision.

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Chapai Handloom

Customer Reviews


Thank you, Sir. I have received my parcel just now n it is very beautiful in colour.


Received the package just now. Thank You so much. Loved the suit.

Shyama 16/07/2021

I loved ur collection.

Saloni 10/07/2021

Love. This is a master piece, must say. U guys are turning the table.

Hemakshi 15/07/2021

Hi! I have received the parcel.
I liked the suit set and loved the packaging. And lastly thank you for the sweet gesture.

Tinu Varghese 15/07/2021

Got this material from you. Was awesome. Much love.

Parul 15/07/2021

Thank u. Thank u so much Shreyansh. U made my day. Everything is so beautiful.

Surekha 15/07/2021

I got my courier nd I just loved it. Thank you so much.

Vinaya 15/07/2021

The material is good. I loved the prints and dupatta.

Vidhi 15/07/2021

Received the parcel. Thank you! Its beautiful.