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October 8, 2021

The art of preserving fabrics

The love for lustrous fabrics is never-ending, the sparkle, the fabric, we love all of it. But there is something that we hate, ie taking care of the fabrics. Even if we don’t hate it, we forget it. We remember our outfits only when it is time to wear them, otherwise, they are kept locked up in a cupboard or one corner of the house.

One aspect which we seldom think about is that, how well we care for our clothes since it is directly proportional to their life. Just like human lives, our clothes too need care & attention. The way we handle them reflects their life. If we take good care of them, they would last for a longer time period otherwise they wouldn’t. The care we take defines sustainability. Little do we know about the steps to take to maintain the proper condition of our clothes, that’s why we are here to help with some basic ideas to helo maintain the glamour of your lustrous outfits.

Storing clothes in an environment where we feel comfortable simply pushing our clothes in a box or in the basement won’t help as the fabric won’t get enough oxygen to stay in the same vibrant condition.

Avoid the folds we know it’s easier said than done but remember the love for your outfits. Try not to fold the clothes, if you have to fold then use tissue or paper sheets in between to keep the fabric in good condition.

No direct light for the dye if you have a hand or machine dye collection in your clothing, keep it as far from sunlight as possible. Direct sunlight leads to color fading thus making the fabric dull.

Cotton to the rescue in case you are hanging your outfit on a hanger, covet it with a cotton cloth. The cotton would protect the fabric from dust particles & also won’t cause any reaction or imprint on the fabric.

Regular checks the most important step is regular checking. It has many benefits like you can get an early alarm in case your fabric is losing its glamour or you would know if there are any insects in the place you have stored the fabrics. But our personal favorite being, the happiness you get when you look at your vibrant clothes, instantly lifts up the mood.

It is just a matter of little time & some simple steps to keep your beloved fabrics in the best possible condition. A little care & affecting would go a long way in preserving the clothes thus helping us achieve the sustainability factor for a better tomorrow.

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Customer Reviews


Thank you, Sir. I have received my parcel just now n it is very beautiful in colour.


Received the package just now. Thank You so much. Loved the suit.

Shyama 16/07/2021

I loved ur collection.

Saloni 10/07/2021

Love. This is a master piece, must say. U guys are turning the table.

Hemakshi 15/07/2021

Hi! I have received the parcel.
I liked the suit set and loved the packaging. And lastly thank you for the sweet gesture.

Tinu Varghese 15/07/2021

Got this material from you. Was awesome. Much love.

Parul 15/07/2021

Thank u. Thank u so much Shreyansh. U made my day. Everything is so beautiful.

Surekha 15/07/2021

I got my courier nd I just loved it. Thank you so much.

Vinaya 15/07/2021

The material is good. I loved the prints and dupatta.

Vidhi 15/07/2021

Received the parcel. Thank you! Its beautiful.