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September 20, 2021

The art of sustainable fabric designs

Ever wondered why our parents lived in a pollution-free environment or why they didn’t have to bear the effects of global warming in their early life or why they didn’t have ozone layer depletion as a topic for debate? Almost every girl today has at least a basic skincare routine, but for a moment think about our mothers, they didn’t have night & day creams or SPF or serums yet they have beautiful glowing skin. Ever wondered why? The answer is quite simple actually, they chose ORGANIC. They based all their decisions on organic choices, thinking about the long-term effects of the decisions they made. Examples like these justify when people say, old is gold. It serves as a medium to make us understand the need to hold on to old practices & cultures.



The argument

Some people might argue on the fact that if we hold on to the old cultures, how will we proceed & develop. Well, they might be missing out on the main point here. The motive is not to abandon development but it also can’t be to abandon the environment. Both the concepts are interlinked. If we keep on developing without thinking about the environment, there won’t be anyone left to enjoy the fruits. Hence it is necessary to inculcate sustainability in each of our decisions, be it food, lifestyle, or even clothing. 



The ancient gift

Our ancestors left behind many beautiful & efficient fashion techniques which we have seemed to have forgotten. One such being the hand block painting technique, having its origin deep-rooted in the Chippa community of Bagru district in Rajasthan. It is a technique of printing patterns using an engraved wooden block. The block is cut out in different shapes & designs & thereafter is dipped in the desired colors and carefully impressed upon a piece of cloth to form a pattern. Sounds easy & fun right? Dipping wooden pieces in ink & painting on clothes. It’s easier said than done. The technique requires careful hand-eye coordination. Mistake of even a centimeter can lead to waste of hours of labor & thus it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Thankfully we have artisans & craftsmen who have been perfecting this art over generations. There are communities in certain villages dedicating their life to such techniques. They have been passing on this art to their next generation for decades. 

Our ancestors believed in clothing that was sustainable, had good quality & most importantly was free from adulteration. Block printing portrays all these characteristics. While we have so much to hold on to, we still rush behind the fast fashion industry which has resulted in the loss of livelihood for many artisans. We as a brand are committed to ensuring that such rich heritage is preserved and cherished for eternity & hence we strive to provide products that are authentic, pure & sustainable. We deal in fabrics with a variety of hand block prints, each telling a different tale. The color palette is inspired by nature as a symbol of our love & respect for the soothing mother Earth.

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Chapai Handloom

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Thank you, Sir. I have received my parcel just now n it is very beautiful in colour.


Received the package just now. Thank You so much. Loved the suit.

Shyama 16/07/2021

I loved ur collection.

Saloni 10/07/2021

Love. This is a master piece, must say. U guys are turning the table.

Hemakshi 15/07/2021

Hi! I have received the parcel.
I liked the suit set and loved the packaging. And lastly thank you for the sweet gesture.

Tinu Varghese 15/07/2021

Got this material from you. Was awesome. Much love.

Parul 15/07/2021

Thank u. Thank u so much Shreyansh. U made my day. Everything is so beautiful.

Surekha 15/07/2021

I got my courier nd I just loved it. Thank you so much.

Vinaya 15/07/2021

The material is good. I loved the prints and dupatta.

Vidhi 15/07/2021

Received the parcel. Thank you! Its beautiful.