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September 9, 2021

We lay our focus on things that are of utmost significance.

While everyone else is focusing on quick development, we focus on something our future is dependent on, sustainability. Ever wonder why a glimpse of the rainbow fills us with bliss or why as soon as we enter a garden our mind automatically resorts to calmness and peace. The reason is 2 faced, one because both the scenarios subconsciously connect you to nature and second their palette of colors. Isn’t it ironic, even with such advanced technology we fail to recreate such satisfying experiences? Nature is all we have to calm ourselves and self introspect. While the world might be running behind creating similar artificial experiences, we at Chapai believe the beauty of an organic lifestyle should be passed on to generations. That being the whole concept of our brand, creating organic and sustainable products for the society, to help them re-live the nature-like satisfaction in their fully engaged lives.

We don't have to brag cause our customers do it for us as they trust us with the purity & authenticity of the fabric. We stand by their expectations, delivering pure hand weaved garments with hand block painting designs.

The specialty of our brand is that we provide hand weaved clothes with block printing on unadulterated fabric made with love by our artisans and weavers. Currently, we deal in suit pieces, sarees, and fabric entertaining both retailers and wholesalers. We provide ethnic attire with hand-block printing designs. Each design is unique & has its own tale. Each collection has a distinct name symbolizing the process through which the fabric comes to life, some of which are:


The name came to life through the combination of 2 words, Ajrakh and Rang. The colors in this collection are only organic colors derived from the extracts of fruits and vegetables for the print. 


Bela is one of Chapai’s ‘Kota Doria’ fabrics, available in a variety of designs such as floral, abstract, etc. Kota Doria is a fabric made of tiny woven squares which are handwoven on a traditional pit loom in Kota and surrounding regions. Thus the entire collection revolves around flowers and floral prints, depicting the calmness nature bestows in the eyes of the viewers.


Ruhaniyat signifies spirituality. It is a hand-woven fabric with Banarasi weaving to establish a tranquil and spiritual tone.Golden ‘butti’ are hand-stitched to the fabric to enhance its beauty. A chiffon dupatta with digital prints on it adds further grace to the attire.


Saanjh is a cotton collection with hand block prints, all in pastel colors, notifying calmness, simplicity. The prints and colors are inspired by the soothing colors of the sky and the magic it unfolds.


Amara is an exclusive saree collection signifying eternal beauty. The collection is dedicated exclusively to saree, the timeless beauty. The sarees are handwoven with the famous Kota Doria work by the artisans of Kota. It is a lightweight fabric with a checkered pattern, perfect for you to flaunt in the monsoon season.


With the intention to acquaint the people with natural beauty, we launched Kudrat, a festivity range, opulent with rich colors and intricate details crafted in sumptuous Chanderi silk. It is a 2-piece suit set consisting of digital flowers on a straight-fit kurta, and a matching dupatta in linen, all adorned with delicate thread embroidery detailing making it perfect for intimate dinners.


It is a shiny, durable, transparent, and crease-resistant Chanderi silk fabric. It can also be thought of as an upgraded version of net fabric. The digital flowers and embroidered threads further enhance the charm of the dupatta.


It is a perfectly dreamy hand block printed ‘buta’ pattern adorning the ‘mal mal noor’ dupatta. It consists of a lightweight dupatta woven in soft cotton mal fabric, paired with a zoya kurta to complete the look.


It is one of our everyday essential fabrics, enhancing the personality of an individual. It’s one of the classic pieces stitched with a blend of Kota fabric with hand block mal mal dupatta
  Mix and match is the latest buzz and we try our best to keep up with the trend by providing various fusion designs by pairing different types of fabric to keep the creativity alive. So ditch your old synthetic fabric and indulge in some pure ones!!!  
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Chapai Handloom

Customer Reviews


Thank you, Sir. I have received my parcel just now n it is very beautiful in colour.


Received the package just now. Thank You so much. Loved the suit.

Shyama 16/07/2021

I loved ur collection.

Saloni 10/07/2021

Love. This is a master piece, must say. U guys are turning the table.

Hemakshi 15/07/2021

Hi! I have received the parcel.
I liked the suit set and loved the packaging. And lastly thank you for the sweet gesture.

Tinu Varghese 15/07/2021

Got this material from you. Was awesome. Much love.

Parul 15/07/2021

Thank u. Thank u so much Shreyansh. U made my day. Everything is so beautiful.

Surekha 15/07/2021

I got my courier nd I just loved it. Thank you so much.

Vinaya 15/07/2021

The material is good. I loved the prints and dupatta.

Vidhi 15/07/2021

Received the parcel. Thank you! Its beautiful.